From The Past

Here is a list of media articles and interviews I did up to my coming out in November of 2015:

Why Orthodox Jews Struggle to Leave Community:

Huffungton Post Live

Formerly Orthodox, and Struggling for Divorce ● Decrees granted by religious leaders heavily favor the still-devout parent:

Wall Street Journel

Off-road Jews: A helping hand for those who stray from the ultra-Orthodox path ● The New York-based Footsteps organization, now celebrating its 10th anniversary, provides professional support and practical advice for Jews who went OTD - 'off the derech.':


On Tisha B’Av, ex-ultra-Orthodox Jew mourns destruction of ‘personal temple’ ● In NY, alumni network Reshet Ramah to hold special Lamentations reading, panel on contemporary Jewish identity, to mark holiday of mourning:

Times Of Israel

Bekishe to Butler: ● A GS Student's Journey Across Worlds:

Columbia Current

The Journey tells the story of how a small non-profit organization assists ultra-Orthodox Jews wishing to move beyond their communities of origin to lead self-determined lives:

Footsteps @ YouTube

Footsteps to a New Home:

Beit Deena

Rabbis’ spiritual authoritarianism vs. Jews’ individual freedoms:

The Jerusalem Post

Students discuss shared experiences at inaugural first-generation, low-income group meeting:

Columbia Daily Spectator

An Ethical Home: the Bayit:

Dani Kohanzadeh @ YouTube

My Old Blog: A Journey From Yisroel Avrum to Srully and Abe:
(Temporarily offline) 

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