Thursday, August 27, 2015


There are a lot of good books about people like me now. There are memoirs and textbooks by Jamison Green​, Leslie Feinberg​, Helen Boyd​, LaDonna Rose​, Susan Stryker​, Julia Serrano​, Chaz Bono​, Deborah Rudacille​, and many, many others. All of these stories have helped change trans issues from something extraordinary to something more commonplace, from a single, simple narrative to a series of messier ones, moving up toward s time when, as Robert Hunter​ once wrote, "things we've never seen will seem familiar."  
- She's Not There: A Life In Two Genders
This amazing book by my hero Jennifer Finney Boylan​ is heart warming to me, and I believe it is to everyone who is going through transition. As s he writes, today we have more resources, and more stories were written then ever.
However, I feel that in my case, No one has ever written about this combination. There is a lot out there written about the Off the Derech​ community - people leaving the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish world, and there is a lot written about people transitioning into living their respective self-identified gender.
But I haven't found anything written about a dual transition.
Therefore, I have decided to start a blog, and write down my own personal experience, and weekly updates. It will help me foremost reflect on my experiences, and hopefully help others in where ever they are in life.
I hope to post the first post tomorrow!

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