Thursday, February 12, 2015

Reflections on the Core: Darwin - Charles Darwin

"This suggests some of the sources of Darwin's greatness. The universality of his talents and interests had preadapted him to become a bridge-builder between fields. It enabled him to use his background as a naturalist to theorize about some of the most challenging problems that pique our curiosity. And, in the face of widespread beliefs to the contrary, tual boldness, and an ability to combine the best qualities of a naturalist-observer, philosophical theoretician, and experimentalist -the world has so far seen such a combination only once, and it was the man Charles Darwin."
- Ernst Mayr, Who Is Darwin? (1991) - in "Darwin, A Morton Critical Edition"
The portrait of Darwin as explained in this article, is one that inspired me in the changes and struggles that I went through in my own life - on the way to a self valued life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the world, on the 206th birthday of the man that changed the life of the world as a whole, and my life as a person. Darwin was and is my personal Messiah in some sense. For both his work, but even more his thinking, his principles of science, and the power of coming out in saying 'this is what I believe (or better understand) to accurate' doesn't matter what popular opinion is.

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